3rd Line & Dundas Real Estate in Oakville

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The area of 3rd Line & Dundas Real Estate in Oakville may seem like a little out of the way for real estate investments, but this area is a prime location for purchasing already existing condos and houses, with new build opportunities. This area is loaded with amenities to ensure all conveniences for people of all tastes, can be met locally. Everything from restaurants, cafés, pharmacies, grocery store, and hair salons, to the North Oakville Medical Centre and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital are all at residents’ fingertips. Public transit bus stops are abundant in the area. Pine Glen Park and Lions Valley Park are very close, and Proudfoot Trail is an excellent trail for those people who want to get out there and pursue good health and exercise. Saint Volodymyr Cultural Centre and the BMO Bank of Montreal are mere steps away. The overall feel of the area is ‘potentially exciting’ and ready to explode in the near future with new buildings construction and investment real estate opportunity.
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